Rock Jam Band Class in Rochester, MI

Experience the “Live Music” vibe

Many students dream of playing in a band. Well, here it is! We’ve been coaching jam bands with our students many many years. We have students who come back to us and say how sessions for many years giving students of all ages a chance to experience the “Live Music” vibe. It’s not for everyone, however, our low pressure Rock Jams are a lot of fun. Plus they encourage practice and growth. Make sure you join in the fun soon!

This is a popular class designed to help coach students on song forms, how to listen, and how to work as a team. Students will study various rock styles and the history of rock. They will perform rock songs from the classics to the current modern day ones. At least one year of experience in playing their respective instrument is required.

This is one of our most popular classes, and combines a group of our students to form a band. Accepted instruments include guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and piano. Students choose songs that they would like to play, and learn them with the help of our instructors. After learning and rehearsing a for the necessary amount of time, students have the opportunity to perform for their friends and family.

​Our groups are organized by age, the youngest starting around 2nd grade. Adult groups are also available with a slightly different format. We highly recommend that students take private lessons outside of class to ensure that everyone gets individual attention. Like all of our programs, our main focus is to have fun. We’ve found that students who play with their peers progress faster, and tend to enjoy practice more.

It’s Easy to Take the Next Step!

If you are ready to start, you have nothing to lose as we only want students who truly want to be here and we will never commit you to a long-term contract. Call Us at (248) 601-3786 or click the button below!